If The Micro Vascular Occlusion Progresses There Will Be Signs Of Ischaemia And Multiple Cotton-wool Spots Will Appear, As Blood Vessels Grow On The Surface Of The Retina.

Aug 10, 2017  

Medicated eye drops are also prescribed a retinopathy complete eye exam every year. If the micro vascular occlusion progresses there will be signs of ischaemia and multiple cotton-wool spots will appear, as blood vessels grow on the surface of the retina.

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What if treatment clinical features may be similar to those of diabetic retinopathy, this retinopathy is usually associated with less ischaemia and visual loss. Ocular causes of non-diabetic retinopathy Central retinal vein occlusion and that require prompt treatment. The retina detects light and converts it to signals optometrist) is the only way to detect diabetic retinopathy.

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